Trek Sikaman


Trek Sikaman is a weekly TV magazine show depicting Ghana in its entirety- past, present, and future.

It is an entertaining kaleidoscope of the people and places - landmarks, lifestyle and luxury, arts and culture, festivals and artifacts, norms and cadences, music and metropolitan life, style, fashion, events, sports and much, much, more.

The objective is to lay bare the rich diversity of socio-cultural life in Ghana, provide an insight into the people who live there, their values, customs, industry communities and celebrities, atmosphere and everyday life.

Trek Sikaman includes a number of regular features and series: Once a week, “Trek Festivals” showcases one of Ghana’s colorful festivals. Viewers are taken on a tour of a major Ghanaian landmark (Castles, Structures/Buildings, Hotels, unique locations etc), in “Trek Places”. “Trek a’ la Carte” whets appetites with indigenous Ghanaian culinary treats (demonstrates the preparation and consumption of a local dish). A searchlight is thrown on individuals and communities in “Trek People”.

Trek Sikaman is hosted by pleasant and affable anchors (male and female) supported by presenters from the respective regional capitals, who are featured according to their area of expertise or the topical subject and its geographical location. They all have impressive and proven journalistic and presenting abilities. They talk to a wide range of fascinating guests from around Ghana.

Trek Sikaman is developed with an international audience in mind however, its concept and style is designed primarily to inspire and to make Ghanaians proud of their heritage, therefore, though subtitled in English.

1. The presentation and most interviews are done in vernacular (Twi/Fante), and
2. Presenters’s clothes are distinctly Ghanaian (Style, Designer or Material used).
Infused with appropriate sound bytes, and employing an avant-garde editing style, Trek Sikaman delivers to viewers, images and stories which reflect the land called Sikaman Ghana.

All that is packed into 25 minutes of reports, features and interviews.