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Gold Coast

Gold Coast

The movie Gold Coast is adapted from true events and follows the botanist and visionary Wulff who in 1836 travels from Denmark to the Danish possessions in Danish Guinea (today’s Ghana).

In Africa, Wulff finds himself on the edge of civilisation. With the blessing from the Danish king, he throws himself into the naive project of establishing coffee plantations.

Wulff is a man shaped by romanticism and he is little prepared for the world outside of Denmark. The Danish projects on the Gold Coast are stuck in a time warp. The slave trade has officially been abandoned since 1803, and the colony has not been profitable to Denmark in almost forty years, which leaves the Danish possessions to live in a secluded anarchistic world on the edge of collapse. The Governor, Dall, Herbst and the other men on the Danish fortress are living during  the very end of an era. They are all following the paths for their own personal gain and none of them believe that they will return to Denmark again.

Wulff’s assignment to establish coffee plantations turns out to be a much bigger task than expected, as the existing plantations are at his arrival left feral and wild. But Wulff is a driven man and he quickly commences the new operation. However, after a while the plantations are mysteriously vandalized. Wulff realises that it is in fact the inhabitants that are working against him. Wulff soon learns of a large conspiracy, which turns out to include people from within the trusted posts of his own government.

Arriving as a true-blooded racist the film follows Wulff’s transcendence into a freedom fighter, a man who has seen the light and must pay the price for it.

This movie should be three things: brutal, beautiful and based on true events.

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