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The Patriot (Omanbapa)

The Patriot

The Patriot is developed around the life of a conscientious, “green-loving” environmental studies teacher, picking scenes from home, the classroom setting, and society at large.

1. Imagine a drama series, with an environmental theme, woven around the life of an Environmental Studies teacher who is a passionate green advocate.

2. Imagine stories playing on his home/domestic setting, where every feature is environmentally friendly ( water saving, energy saving, recycling, refuse separation, organic product use, etc ).

3. Imagine his classroom sessions ( SHS setting ); the discourse; field trips; demonstrations; and the other countless ways in which topical issues about the environment can be put into the public domain.

4. Imagine his interactions with the general public; the education; enlightenment; and insight about the environment that can be engendered.

5. All this, packaged into 30mins of with, humour, conflict, and pure drama.