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Sun City

Sun City

Sun City is a situation comedy set in a fictional University in the gold endowed country of Sikaman.


Imagine a typical University with a multiethnic or even global student population.

Imagine the diverse characters that can be found on Campus –

  • The Self-Conceited Matured Student,
  • The Pouting Prima Donnas 
  • The Skirt-Chasing Playboys,
  • The Jesus-Preaching Scripture Unionist…
  • The Hard-Learning Semi-Recluse,
  • The Political Activist
  • The Know-All Gossip,
  • The Comical ‘Exte’ (i.e. Off-Campus Girlfriend/Sugar Daddy)

The relationships possible between them and the conflicts, amusement and shocks as well as learning that could possibly result from their interactions.

Imagine the peculiar ambitions, dispositions and experiences of Lecturers found on this Campus, their own families, the Supporting Staff (Administrators, Porters, Hangers- on …) and also the society at large and how this regulates the rhythm of life on campus.

Imagine a University Campus with a classic architecture, and all the drama that can occur within the shared spaces - Halls of Residence, Faculties of Learning, Sports Facilities, Commercial Areas, Shopping Malls (plus Hawkers etc), Hospitality centers etc.

Experience the Satire, Comedy and/or Tragedy enacted in countless daily scenarios in the lives of these people whose collective experience  gives SUNCITY UNIVERSITY its distinct character and accounts ultimately for their ‘Higher Learning’ the unifying purpose of all on campus.