Solutions and Helpstation

Imagine a TV program woven around the dealings of a business consultancy.

The consultancy, dubbed SOLUTIONS, is located close to a central market.

We follow the continued growth of the young consultancy and its dealings with diverse business entities, especially those involved in agribusiness, for which it consults.

The concept is played on TV and Radio.

There is also be a dedicated interactive website at

Make Up of Solutions Consultancy – TV/Radio Drama

Two childhood friends (now husband, and wife), combine forces. One with an Agric Economics background, the other with Graphic/Software design and advertising background.

They have an efficient front-desk Lady, Akweley Patterson, who is the epitome of good customer service.

Solutions Review Show

The Review Show recaps the episode of the day in a talk show format featuring Experts who discuss issues raised. Please see the Review Show episodes below: