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Abiba is a local groceries seller in a typical middle class neighbourhood in Ghana. She sells everything in her shop; from groceries to cosmetics, from scratch cards to detergents. Abiba’s shop is a melting pot for everyone in the community; the cheating housewife, the extorting pastors, the fraudulent chauffeur and the flirtatious hairdresser.

Abiba is a stabilizing force in all of this. Enacted in English, Abiba is a situational comedy full of wit, humour, escapades and drama. Abiba’s allure is the fact that it has excellent production values and  closely captures the ethos of the real life Ghanaian situation.


Character Profiles

She is a beautiful Ghanaian woman of Northern extraction. She speaks Hausa, Twi, Ga, Ewe and English. Abiba has a pleasant and affable disposition but is a shrewd business woman. Although an entrepreneur at heart, she is sensitive to her societal responsibilities by regularly feeding a motley crew of school children and also takes care of their school fees. Abiba is a childless spinster, but is working on it-she is connected to the handsome Yoofi , who she hopes to marry.

Osofo Joseph:
A deceiving, conniving scam artiste,  Osofo Joseph typifies the life of a false prophet who feeds on the trust of God-fearing people. He appears to the people he meets as a decent, young Pastor, who is out to help people from all walks of life-however he is a wolf in sheeps clothing. He visits Abiba’s shop frequently, giving false prophesies, and  shops for free.

Auntie Grace (housewife):
Frustrated by her husband’s insistence that she stays at home to be the home maker ,while he plays the Casanova, Grace Boateng has become a rebel. She puts a large chunk of the food money away in susu, thus depriving her husband and family of nutritious meals and such like. She has grown extraordinarily attached to Osofo Joseph, in whom she invests her time and savings. With nothing to do, Auntie Grace is a regular companion of Abiba. She has two children.

Efo Abraham:
An elderly retired civil servant is a voice of reason.  He is trustworthy, with a solid personality. Most of his customers rendezvous with him in Abiba’s shop. It will be interesting to unveil how he runs his Susu business.  All the women are fond of him.

Mama Shee (flirtatious hairdresser):
She runs a hairdressing business close to Abiba’s shop. The salon is a hotbed of gossip and many machanizations which she carries into Abiba’s shop. Pretty and fashionable, she is the attraction of many men in the neighbourhood and beyond-the prima donna .