The Hub Training

The Hub is a place where people go through the transition from school to work.

The model revolves around a Training/Work schedule, which seeks to fill in the gaps in knowledge and theory. Trainees at the Hub are made to go through the entire business cycle – Seek out clients, learn to pitch, develop products and successfully launch into the market.

The Core Courses include:

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management
  • Video Editing
  • Production Management
  • Animation
  • Camera
  • Social media marketing

The incubation period will  allow participants to solidify their knowledge, hone their skills and apply themselves to practical day-to-day business challenges.

inGenius Africa will leverage its extensive knowledge, skills, portfolio of work, experience and client base in terms of Website Development, Content Management, Video and Film Production and Airtime Brokerage, to make the model as practical as possible.

At the end of each module participants should be deemed fit to enter the job market, either entrepreneurs or as employees in the stated areas.


  1. Web Design – 8 weeks
  2. Web Development – 8 weeks
  3. Content Management – 8 weeks
  4. Video Editing – 16weeks
  5. Production Management – 8 weeks
  6. Animation – 6 weeks
  7. Camera – 8 weeks
  8. Social media marketing - 6 weeks